Friday, July 11, 2008

Where in the world is Michelle?

Okay... so I've dropped off the face of the earth again and I appreciate everyone who has been checking in thinking, where'd she go? Here is a quick rundown and I'll try to post more over the weekend.

Since the last post, I had my in-laws come for a visit that went great except for the fact that Ari got sick and my miscarriage has finally arrived. Ari had what the doctor called the Adenovirus. Needless to say her fever spiked up to 104 one night and she ran around in a horrible mood grabbing at her throat and mouth. Poor baby was miserable!

Mommy had a slow lead up to the miscarriage on the other hand. (If this is TMI - too much information, please feel free to skip this paragraph, but since I mentioned we should talk about this more, this is another part of the process I wasn't quite clear on.) It started with spotting for a couple of days that were followed with very light period like bleeding and has progressed about 5 days later into painful, crampy, clotty bleeding. ICK! I know. Anyway... I'm hoping since I am in the painful stage, I will be done with this soon. Apparently, if you go more than two weeks, you need to see your doctor so I've got just under another week to go to be finished.

On top of all this, on Tuesday my in-laws left (COME BACK!) and John gets home from work with a cold that I also start to feel that night. We think Ari has gotten over her illness which we went to Urgent care for on Sunday and went to her doctor's as follow up on Monday and by Wednesday morning we were sure she was going to feel better except... she woke up with the same cold. *sigh* It's never fun when the whole family is sick. Thank God for all the help we had from my in-laws and from my parents. They are amazing!

Coming into this weekend, though, we are all starting to feel better from the cold and hopefully the miscarriage will start to sort itself out. I am happy that I waited for it, because experiencing all of this all at once would be really hard. I am not saying it is the only right choice, but the right one for me. Maybe over the next few months I'll be able to come back here with joyful baby new. Keep your fingers crossed for me. :)

One project I'll be posting about soon is our raised garden that my husband and his father worked on while he was here. It looks so great! There are two more to build and then plant, plant, plant. :) Can't wait!

Write more soon!