Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Mommy Quiz

So not the results I thought but really cool!

The Mommy quiz
You scored as a Zen momma
You are a zen momma! You never get your knickers in a knot- because you can look objectively at the world. You don't allow stress to interfere in your judgment which makes you a great source of wisdom for your tater tots.
Zen momma

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

This was going to be profound!

So tonights post was going to potentially be post-partum take 2 or maybe the 6 word biography that I was tagged with and need to get to writing or maybe something else fun and interesting. Instead I am sitting here wondering how my whole day could be ruined by a little green frog.

Ok... Ruined may be a bit melodramatic, but I think you will understand. Ari has had this little green frog with a blanket attached since she was like 7 or 8 months. They bonded very quickly and mommy rushed out to the store to buy a few more knowing the day would come that something would happen to one of them or one of them would need to get cleaned and there would be the need for a back up. Well.. I had kept two here at the house and had given my parents the third so Ari could occasionally sleep at their house.

Today started out almost like any other day except my 'rents have (skipped town to hang out with friends) taken a much needed vacation and also Ari hadn't gone to sleep the night before (because who needs sleep?) until 11:30 so she woke up at 8 when usually she is up between 7 and 7:30. The hubby played with her a little bit while I showered and got ready for the day. Ari and I went about our morning per usual. We went to soccer class where we got a medal (I'll post that picture tomorrow I hope) since it was the last day of the session. We then went to My Kids Clubhouse to play for a bit and then dragged ourselves out to go home and take a nap. Here is the place where it really went down hill. We get home and I have no clue what happened to Froggy (i.e. her little green friend). I put her in her room for fear that all the excitement of looking will entertain her enough to get her wired. I go looking around and around but no Froggy. I hear her start crying so I go up and she wants her pacifier. I give it to her and tell her I am still looking but I'll be back.

Luckily, she fell asleep as I ran up and down and all around looking for this little guy or even the back up guy will do. Not a green smiling face in the bunch. I looked in crayon boxes, legos boxes, in her playroom, in the bathrooms, in our bedroom, *pant* *pant* and I am sooo tired and hot I start getting really flustered until I realize that she indeed had fallen asleep. Whew! Now we just need to find one of two by tonight.

Well... Tonight came and tonight was no less frustrating. There are TWO of them. How can I not find at least ONE! I literally spent about an hour looking in every little container that she might have stuffed him into. I look in every cabinet in the kitchen. I run up and down and up and down the stairs like I'm training for a step-athalon. Where is FROGGY? I even ask my 2.5 yr old where she put him and she tries to show me where, but he isn't there. Guess she doesn't remember either.

Finally, I give up. I call my parents at 12:30 their time to find out where they have their Froggy. My mom gives me a description of where to find him and I send my adoring husband to find him. After searching where he was told, he calls and says there is no Froggy. I then call my mom back and now we are bordering 1AM. She doesn't pick up and between the time I hang up and she calls me back, Ari decides to try to take a flying leap off the couch head first. I narrowly grab her by her thighs as she is plummeting to certain pain when my mom calls back. Juggling a completely screaming, freaked out toddler, the phone, and the questions about what we need to do, I finally tell my mom to call her number and talk to John. Having calmed Ari down, my husband shows up and says, nope. He can't find THEIR Froggy either! *sigh* How can all three be missing? My husband thinks it is a sign from God that she is ready to give up her lovey. I think that is baloney, but hey... I don't see any problem with having a little friend.

When John arrived back I was already upstairs with her reading her books for bed and we switched. When it was time to lay down, she of course asked for Froggy. My husband told her that Froggy was doing okay, but for tonight could she please take care of Flamingo (because we all know pink flamingos and green frogs are really interchangeable.) LOL Anyway, she seemed to buy it and grabbed the flamingo. When he leaves her she starts yelling down that she wants a cup of milk so I bring it up to her. She drinks some and then again asks me for Froggy while trying to hand me the flamingo. I reiterate that Froggy is fine, but that Flamingo is lonely and could she please take care of him tonight. She seems hesitant at first, but then falls in with the plan. I also pointed out that she had a really big version of froggy on her bed too. (Which she does minus the blanket.)

To make this long story longer... She successfully has had a nap and is now sleeping without Froggy but I feel completely frustrated, tired, worn out, and perplexed as to where are the Froggies have gone! Have you seen our Froggies? Maybe I should post missing signs around our neighborhood. I can attach the picture from one of me earlier posts where she is sleeping with him.

Guess I have a quick trip to babies r us tomorrow to see if they still carry him. I honestly do not know what could have happened to him.

Weird and so lacking in anything profound or interesting!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Day with Safta

Why is it that Grandparents are so much more fun? :)While John and I were in Vegas we went to Excaliber and bought Ari a pink dragon (not shown), a princess crown, and a princess scepter or wand. We just couldn't come back empty handed... (Can anyone say parental guilt?) LOL Anyway, she is adorable in them. The first day she got them she got the scepter first and right away said, "need a crown!" LOL Luckily, we were prepared.
My mom set up a blow up pool in her back yard that Ari was having a blast playing in. Apparently she was dancing in and out of it, splashing around like a mermaid, and having all sorts of tomfoolery. :)

Thanks Safta for making your time together really memorable for you both!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Long Ari Update

It has been a busy time so I have not been very good at keeping up with my postings, but I know I need to do another Ari update before anything else, so here goes. :)

The last weekend in May we went to visit family near San Jose. We chose to drive up which took about 9 hours with stops for traveling with a toddler. Especially since we got out the gate and pretty soon after, she peed through her clothes. We switched clothes and diaper and went on our merry way. We eventually stopped at a Flying J truck stop thinking that the buffet they offer would give Ari enough variety that she would be happy eating. WRONG! I ended up eating crappy buffet food while my husband says he isn't hungry and Ari refuses to think about food. Also, we could buy gas or anything from the store because their computers were down. We went to another gas station and they had run out of gas. The last one finally offered up some gas and a way to pay. Hehe.. Of course while there, I changed her diaper again. About 20 minutes away from there, Ari pees through her clothes again. *groan* Are we sure we are going to make it? LOL Anyway, we finally did make our destination and we all had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, the trip back wasn't so good (you hear the sarcasm there). She was not in the mood to hang in the car for so long while being sick. There was much crying by the end unfortunately. Anyway... Here are some pictures from the trip. :)This first picture is Ari and Mommy at a really cool play area called The Jungle.
This one is also from the Jungle. They had some fun ride on toys like this cute dinosaur that Ari loved.This next picture is Ari showing off how she can play computer games all by herself now. She has become so good with a mouse. It is amazing!

In this picture, Ari was playing with her Daddy and Uncle. Daddy handed her random things from inside the house and Ari with her shoes on and Mommy's shoes on would race out, clomp clomp clomp, and give it to her Uncle Chris. It was a good time for all. Sometimes it is the simple things that entertain them. :)

The next weekend, we took Ari all over the place. Here are some pictures from the fun we had then.

This is Ari at the Air and Space Museum. She just loves the little Air Plane that they have for them to climb into. She spends so much time just climbing in and out and spinning the propeller. This is a really bad picture of me, but such a great picture of the two people I love most, so it had to make the cut. We are still in the Air and Space Museum in another airplane that you can climb into. She loves this place. :)
After the Air and Space Museum we headed over to an area near the zoo that has a carousel and a great train. This is Mommy and Ari on the Carousel. I don't know why Ari had to go on the Ostrich, but that's what she wanted. LOL

And this is Daddy and Ari on the train ride. She sat behind the engine and just had a blast!
Later that day, after her nap, we went to La Jolla Shores beach and enjoyed some sand. I originally tried to raise a tom boy and up to a point she is, but her favorite colors lately are pink and yellow. She looks so cute in it, it is hard to try to dissuade her. Guess she has a little girly girl in there. :)While at the beach, we saw the most unusual thing that just fascinated Ari. These college kids were making a movie about this robot couple. Ari got to watch the guy and girl play "dress up" in robot costumes. They then danced together. It was so funny. Notice the girl robot has designer yellow shoes, a pink bow in her hair, and her middle is long like a dress. Hehe...
The next day we took Ari to Sea World. We were in the Shamu area and people kept walking in front of our friend as he was trying to capture a picture of her. It turned out to be a cute picture though with her peeking through all those people.
Here is a broad shot from the same time. On this day Ari dressed herself. Yellow pants, red shirt, purple coat, pink hat, gold necklace, if I remember correctly black socks, and brown shoes. Doesn't she look cute? :)I also promised everyone a picture of Ari at soccer. This is the first one I got this last week. She is adorable in her little soccer shirt. I'll add more as soon as I get to downloading them.

Okay... that's it for this update. Besides everything above, this last weekend my husband and I went away to Vegas for my first night and day and a half away from Ari. I was nervous, but she had a blast with her Safta and Saba and I had an amazing time in Vegas with the love of my life. We walked like a gazillion miles ate a second dinner at 1 AM and slept in a little bit. While there, we saw the Cirque Du Soliel show LOVE. It was AMAZING! It has become my favorite Cirque show. I highly recommend it. Not sure I refreshed in the sleep department, but I definitely think I refreshed in the mental department. My husband and I got to talk about something other than child rearing. It was really wonderful! Anyway, this is why I haven't been as active as I should on here, but I'll try to play catch up for the next few days.

Thanks for reading!